5 Wedding Photos You Don’t Want to Forget

It’s here. Your blissful day has finally arrived—after months and months of planning—of you taking the time to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. Now you can sit back and enjoy your wedding, from getting ready, to saying your vows, to cutting the cake, to dancing with your great grandfather. You’ll be whisked off to dance with your new spouse, to pose for wedding photos with the bridal party, and to chat with family members from around the world. From classic wedding photos to unique wedding photos, be certain to capture all the wonders of your special day. In all of this beauty and magic, sometimes it’s easy to forget things, and here are 5 wedding photos you don’t want to forget on your wedding day.

Your wedding invitations are special, and you'll want to keep a record of your special day. Consider an invitation photo as part of your photography package.

Your wedding invitations are special, and you'll want to keep a record of your special day. Consider an invitation photo as part of your photography package.

The Wedding Invitation Photo

In many cases you ordered your save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, and thank you cards custom. You took the time to plan exactly what you wanted, how you wanted your names to appear, exactly how you wanted the date formatted. In some cases, you paid a calligrapher to custom write everything. The point is, they’re important, and let your photographer know you would love a photographer or two of the invitation suite.

The Candid Moments Photo

As magical as weddings are, they are also stressful. Making sure everything is planned correctly, that everything will go smoothly, is part of the deal. As the actual day of your wedding starts the nerves will kick in, and you’ll be giddy and nervous at the same time. When you hear those words “I now pronounce…” a weight will fall off of your shoulders. You finally did it. This is when those beautiful candid moments really surface. A small squeeze of your partner’s hand, a tearful hug from your mother, your crazy brother in law that dances like a grizzly bear. Don’t just focus on posed pictures, make sure there are a selection of candid gems throughout your wedding photos.

candid moments2.jpg

sunset walk1.jpg

Pictures with Those Who Travelled

Many loved ones go out of the way to be there for your big day. They change their schedule, make travel arrangements, and stay in a hotel with a bed that’s too hard for their comfort. It’s important to make them feel included in your wedding day. Take the time to not only talk with them and thank them for coming, but also be sure to get photos of you with them. Both you and they will appreciate having these wedding photos to look back on, especially if you don’t get to see each other often. If you're planning a destination wedding, learn about how to take the best beach wedding photos.

small detail2.jpg

The Small (But Big) Details

There are so many little things that people forget during the day: Their wedding cake toppers, the something borrowed, your aunt holding your sister’s newborn baby, the place settings. The wood burned sign your best friend agreed to make. Make sure your photographer is going to capture the little, but significant, details of your wedding. The little things are what bring everything together.

getaway car2.jpg

The Getaway Car

The day is coming to a close. You are officially married. It is now time to make the walk to your getaway vehicle and start your new life together. This is an important part of the evening to have forever captured in your wedding photos. Be sure to get pictures of the decorations on the car, the exit to the car, and the final goodbyes. This is the end of a monumental day, and the beginning of a lifetime. You want a photograph of the groom helping the bride into the car, the final hug with your father, and the group of onlookers waving goodbye as you finally drive off.