Unique Wedding Photos for the Unique Couple

Everyone has their quirks. Every couple has a special story of how they met. There are those inside jokes that helped define your relationship. It’s important to honor those moments. You are unique. You have defined personalities. Bring a bit of your quirkiness to your wedding! Sit down with your soon to be spouse, pour yourselves a glass of wine, and jot down unique wedding photo ideas that will show your true colors. You’ll be sure to end the night with a few laughs. Here are 5 wedding photo ideas to get you started! 


Bring Back the Sass


Don’t forget to be playful and sassy. Sure, weddings are classy and formal, and your grandmother will be there, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. Let your personality shine and give a little sass to your photos. Let the men wear their cat socks, or reveal their superhero undershirts. During the group photos, let your bridesmaids line up with you and flash your garters. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids are the people closest to you, don’t forget to have fun together on your wedding day. Let the sass shine through on your group photos.


Relaxed Couples Photos

relaxed couple-6.jpg

Bride and groom photos are extremely important. Set aside some time during your wedding day to have photos taken of only you two. It may seem like just another thing to get done, but it’s so much more than that. Not only will it give you two some time alone to recharge it will also ensure there are photos that really capture your love and personality. Sit on the edge of a pier and just talk, let the photographer capture those hushed words and soft blushes. Hold each other's hands and take a small walk. Relax, unwind, be yourselves, and remember what that day is all about.


Add Some Pizzazz to Getting Ready

getting ready1.png

Getting ready doesn’t need to solely be about drinking enough coffee to look half awake and having 100 bobby pins put into your hair. It’s a hype for your day so have some fun with it. Order those fancy donuts from that shop downtown (yes, get the Nutella kind). Use your hairbrush as a microphone while jumping on the bed. Let your photographer see more than just pre-wedding nerves, let them capture how excited you are!


Tribute Signs

special sign.jpg

You send out invitations, and unfortunately, some people already have plans or they can’t travel to make it. Show them in a fun way how much you missed them! Make some tribute signs and pose together with the signs to send them later. You’ll love doing it, and those who couldn’t make it will truly appreciate the gesture.


Don’t Fight the Selfie

selfie fun2.jpg

It’s the 2000’s. The battle against selfies is lost. It’s time to embrace them, so that’s exactly what you should do! Set up a custom selfie wall or selfie booth with fun props for your guests. This will break the ice and keep the party going all night. Your guests will be able to create their own memories of that night, and you’ll have lots of fun tags on social media! Don’t forget your wedding hashtag.

Hopefully, these wedding photo ideas spark some thoughts for you to come up with your own unique and creative wedding photos!