I want to capture priceless emotions, your beauty and style - the joy and spirit of your wedding day.


I want to see you looking your best, your most beautiful, and your most in love. But beauty isn’t forced - it’s gentle. It’s easy-going and natural. Real romance is playful, fresh and flirtatious, not posed. Priceless expressions and climactic moments occur spontaneously, happening once. I want to capture this.



I spend 75% - 85% of your day shooting unobtrusively, capturing moments as they unfold. This allows you to be in your world, interacting with your friends and family, experiencing the day the way you want. I’ll stay out of your way, and I promise to document the action without interfering.

The other 15% - 25% of my time is usually spent guiding you through mini photoshoots with your family and bridal party. Let's make these group shots count, but let's not spend all day on them - you have to get married and party. Also, you may and your spouse may want to take a break from the action and go for a walk with me at sunset - let's keep this experience relaxed and enjoyable.




What’s my pricing?
I customize each package to every client. My fee is based on the date of your wedding, the number of guests, the number of hours of coverage you’ll need, the number of additional photographers I’ll need to bring, and then any additional options like albums and an engagement portrait session.


Do I work with a second photographer?
This depends on the number of guests attending your wedding, the logistics of the day, the size of the venue you are getting married at, and the personalities and needs of your family members. For instance, if you are getting married at an intimate venue like Brooklyn Winery with 120 guests, than you probably don’t need me to bring a second photographer. However, if you’re getting married at Oheka Castle with 240 guests, yes, a second photographer is a must!


Do I travel?
Yes. 50% of my weddings are in NYC. The other 50% are in the Tri-State area (CT, NJ, Westchester and Long Island). Every so often I get on an airplane and travel to a faraway lands like, Mexico, Costa Rica, California, Colorado and The Caribbean. Destination weddings are fun!


Do I provide video service?
I provide aerial cinematography only. This is through my other company Wedding Drone New York. I do not provide conventional wedding videography; but I’m happy to make referrals.


How long does it take to receive your photos?
All images are delivered within a month of your wedding – it’s in the contract.


Will my logo be on your photographs?
No. I don’t watermark the high-resolution images you receive.


Do I carry business liability insurance?
Yes, I do. I carry the industry standard.


What kind of cameras do I use?
I use Canon cameras and lenses. I use ProFoto flashes.


How many weddings have I photographed in my career?
I’ve been a full-time, professional wedding photographer since 2009. I’ve shot over 250 weddings. 


Did I go to school for photography?
Yes. I graduated from The International Center of Photography in Midtown Manhattan in 2008. Prior to photo school, I worked for five years as a magazine photo editor and as a motion picture cinematographer. Visual media has always been my life. 


Meeting In Person

I do all of my in-person meetings at my apartment on the Upper East Side. I’m 2.5 blocks from the Q Train, and 3.5 blocks from the 4/5/6 Trains. Because you’ve made the trek all the way uptown to visit me, I’ll conclude the meeting with a brief, in-person photoshoot on my rooftop if the sun is out.


Engagement Portraits

If you’re like most people and want to know what it’s like being in front of the camera, then it’s a great way to get comfortable with me – I promise to make it fun. If portraits aren't a big deal to you, no need to do an engagement portrait session with me - I get it.



Yes, I offer very fancy, handmade, custom-designed photo albums. These are the real deal – the kind that your descendants will keep in a chest and dust off every time a new generation gets married. In 40 years from now, your grandchildren will remark how good looking you used to be. But if you don’t want to buy one from me, no big deal – you have the high-resolution digital images; you are welcome to make your own books