Classic Wedding Photos

Photography can encapsulate precious moments, each time you look at a picture you get flooded with memories. This is why the perfect moments need to be captured during the biggest day of your life-your wedding.  Each shot prior, during and after your wedding makes it a complete experience whenever you open the album.

Pre-Wedding Photos

  • The Rings

This is a symbol of union and we capture this significance through our lens.

  • The bouquet

Wedding bouquets are a feast for the eyes; they are tailored perfectly to suit the theme of the wedding and the thoughts of the bride. A perfect picture of these beauties will surely add to your day.

  • The Bride's dress and hair

On your big day, we not only capture the gleam in your eyes but also the perfect hairdo and the magnificence of your dream dress.

  • The bridal party

The people you hold close to your heart will forever be enclosed with you in your happiest moments. And since they have worked so hard to get you your dream wedding, this picture is a must.

During the ceremony

The Location

You sure will be transported back to your wedding day whenever you see this lovely photograph. The aisle, the complete location and all those memories of planning this perfect day will come flooding to your mind.

The first look

Nothing beats the expression of the groom when he first lays eyes upon the woman he loves, taking her as his bride. We will be there to capture this for you!

The Vows

An emotional pledge to be together for better or for worse is a rather emotional affair. This is the beauty of the vows that need to be translated into photographs, to remind you of this wonderful experience.

The exchange of the rings

A picture when taken skillfully to capture the happiness and nervousness of the bride and groom is what you will be taking home with you. We know all the right angles!

The kiss

A true moment of affection will be kept safe with you, through a picture clicked at the right instance.

The walk

We will capture this beautiful moment with such finesse that it will be one of your favorites!


The décor

Attention to detail is what we offer; the décor will be captured in all its glory.

The giveaways

 The giveaways for the guests will sure be a stark addition to your wedding album.

The centerpiece

The centerpiece, when photographed correctly will define the entire theme of your big day.

The seating

You sure do want to remember who sat where don’t worry we got you.

The entrance

 This is the not just the entrance for your wedding but into a new life and we tend to envelop that through photography.

The cake and cake cutting

This will surely make for an interesting before and after picture.

The first dance

Besides the emotional vows, this is the most alluring portion of your day and we will capture every detail with finesse.

The Garter and Bouquet throw

Who’s next? We will be capturing a life-changing moment in one of your friend’s life too.

The festivities

You probably spent a lot of time planning this portion of your day; well you will remember all of it through the photographs we take.

The food

A perfect picture with the right lighting will capture the deliciousness of this celebratory dinner in its true quintessence!