Tips for Perfect Beach Weddings

There’s just something about beach weddings. They’re stunning, simplistic, relaxed, and so romantic. The sound of the waves rolling up onto the beach, the shimmering of light against the water, the soft breeze which brings life to everything around it. Some of the most beautiful weddings are beach weddings. While they appear simplistic and relaxed there is still plenty of work that goes into creating the perfect beach wedding. Here are several tips to creating the perfect beach wedding and to help you ensure you capture all those beach wedding photos.


Simplicity at its Best

Destination simplicity3.jpg

The beach provides a beautiful and nature backdrop for your wedding day. There’s a reason you’re planning your wedding on a beach. You love the beach or the ocean, or the way the sunset looks as you walk across a shoreline. Something inspired you. Take what inspires you and highlight it. Simplicity is your friend. Decorate around the beach, accenting the natural beauty of nature around you. Small pops of colors, like coral or green, against the natural blues and tans of the beach and rustic wooden arches and chairs that create a nature line are just some of the ideas that can really give life to a beach wedding.


Time of Day

Destination golden hour2.jpg

You really need to consider the time of day you’re holding your special event. This will ensure your guests’ comfort as well as provide you with the best beach wedding photos possible. You don’t want to have the wedding in the middle of the day with the sun blazing overhead. Schedule your wedding an hour before sunset and take advantage of the beautiful colors lingering just above the gently rolling ocean. Nothing says romance like a sunset over the ocean. This way your wedding photos will have the natural soft light as well as the beautiful striking sunset. And you will have memories for a lifetime!


Ponder your Hairstyle

Destination up do.jpg

Give some extra thought regarding how to style your hair. Updos are ideal for beach weddings. They provide you with a polished look that will stay put all night, while keeping hair wisps out of your face that will take away from your photographs. If you do intend to keep your hair down for the wedding to really capture that beachy look, perhaps keep a stylist at your service to give you touch-ups throughout the night to really ensure you’ll look your best all evening!


Consider attire

Destination attire2.jpg

Attire is important, not only in what you’re wearing but also in what you require of your wedding party and guests. Depending on the time of year the weather on the beach will vary. Your style of dress should compliment your setting. Choose a light, breathable material that will not whip around in the wind. Avoid a long train. Choose flats or wedges over traditional heels (sand and heels don’t mix), or better yet, if weather permits, go barefoot. Perhaps allow the groomsmen to have a slightly dressed down look. And encourage your guests to dress beach casual.


Have a Backup Plan

Destination backup plan.jpg

As previously mentioned, beach weddings do take a lot of planning. Even with all the energy put into the wedding, mother nature isn’t always going to behave. Ensure you have a backup plan just in case things don’t go quite your way. Outdoor weddings are always a gamble but 1000% worth it when everything goes according to plan.

Follow these beach wedding tips to ensure your day goes smoothly and that you’re able to have those gorgeous beach wedding photos you spend hours looking at online. But remember, no matter what nature throws at you, this is your day, enjoy it!